I Have A New Fascination

I Have A New Fascination

(Posted on our original blog Sunday May 22, 2011)

Duct Tape!!!!  

Maybe I should clarify, I have always been fascinated with duct tape but here latey I am extremely fascinated with it and the fact you can use it as art! 

Zebra Print Duct Tape Flower

Duct Tape Flower
This flower is my first attempt at any type of duct tape art!  I am fascinated with duct tape flowers so I decided to try one! 

I want to try various shapes and sizes as well as different projects, like the duct tape bows, they look so neat!

Yesterday I bought two more rolls of printed duct tape!

Printed Duct Tape
  As I put on my facebook I ♥ printed duct tape!!

Have you made any duct tape creations?  I would love to read about them!
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